The Hub

Let’s know more about the work of the EIP Action Groups

The Hub will take place at Alfandega, during the two days of the 4th EIP Water Conference. The event will be a mixture of a speakers’ corner and an interview studio. This is where journalists will perform interviews and facilitate discussion between experts on a variety of topics related with water and innovation.

The event will disclose the work by EIP Action Groups to solve major water and innovation challenges and will also give participants access to inside information about this topic.

Porto Water Match

Meet your future business partners in Porto!

On September 27 and 28, 2017, decision makers, utilities technicians, political leaders, regulators, industry and agriculture representatives, researchers, tech companies, start-ups, SMEs, investors and young professionals from all over the world will gather to attend EIP Water Conference 2017, Europe’s most important water and innovation event. 

The following day is reserved for the Mayors & Water Conference 2017, which will bring together mayors, councillors, local government representatives, urban planning managers, architects, I&D centres and financing partners.

The Water Match will take place at Alfândega do Porto between the 27th and 29th of September.

The event is organised by the Municipality of Porto, European Commission, National Agency for Innovation and by Enterprise Europe Network, the largest business support network in Europe.

The event will be a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience, learn from water and innovation professionals & best practices and to get to know the world’s leading water and innovation experts.

This matchmaking event offers participants the opportunity to meet potential business partners at 1-1 meetings and other networking opportunities.

The objective is to identify cross-border business opportunities and stimulate collaboration between water technology businesses world-wide.

Due to its international character, the event’s language will be English.

Water Match topics include:

  • Water and wastewater processes and treatment;
  • Non-revenue water solutions;
  • Water and wastewater reuse;
  • Stormwater recycling and management;
  • Water and wastewater asset management;
  • Water and energy efficiency;
  • Smart water networks;
  • Instrumentation, analysis and automation;
  • ICT innovation and monitoring;

  • Big data & internet of things;
  • Telemetry and telecontrol systems;
  • Emerging water technologies;
  • Water research, development and innovation;
  • Water management and urban planning;
  • Green infrastructures and nature-based solutions;
  • Water efficiency in agriculture;
  • Water efficiency in industrial facilities;
  • Financing mechanism for the water sector.


Why participate?

  • Register and publish your collaboration interests;
  • Only 25-minute meetings;
  • Expand your international water and innovation network;
  • Meet many potential business partners within a short period;
  • Transfer of knowledge and technology.


How does it work?

  • Register and publish your collaboration plans
  • Send meeting requests to selected participants of your choice
  • One week before the event you will receive your meetings schedule

This will be an excellent opportunity to expand your international water and innovation network at previously arranged 25-minute meetings. You need only to register, present yourself and your company and select your partners of interest.

Water Match gives you an excellent opportunity to meet many potential business partners within a short period and to establish cooperation actions between companies, research institutes and universities, and it’s free of charge.


Tech Talks

Join us to promote new solutions

The exhibition will also include technical and commercial promotion actions by exhibitors after authorization by the organization.

Exhibitors are responsible for inviting their clients or potential clients to these sessions which have the main objective of sharing information and of strengthening cooperation.

Coffee Breaks

Have coffee with your clients and partners

Coffee Breaks will be held during the intervals between 4th EIP Water Conference sessions and other parallel events.

These coffee breaks will be an ideal opportunity to relax with a refreshment in the exhibition areas whilst exchanging ideas and networking with the event’s other participants.